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4 Tips to Finding a Music Manager


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If you read any blog discussing the idea of making it into the music industry professionally, it becomes apparent how connected the roles of musician and business manager are becoming. These days, being a great musician isn’t enough to be successful. Artists measure success in a variety of ways, with each person setting personal standards. If you are an artist looking for record deal, keep in mind that most labels will not take on new talent unless an artist has established themselves as a success (within their means). Labels often require new acts to prove their worth before taking them on. Most musicians based on where they are within their career, if they have exhausted their resources thus far, have two options: 1) learn the music business themselves and become both musician and manager, or 2) outsource and hire a music manager.

If you are nervous about whether you need a music manager or not, see our article “Do You Need A Music Manager”  Remember, the level of involvement that a manager has on your musical career may vary tremendously. If you absolutely LOVE responding to emails, or HATE booking gigs, a manager’s responsibilities can include any and all of those things and more.

So, you’ve decided you need a manager. Instead of choosing the first person that sends you a direct message on Facebook, swearing that they can make you the star you’ve always wanted to be, you must to do research in order to decide what qualities you are looking for in a manager. This article was written to provide you with some tips on finding the perfect manager for you.

First and foremost is a manager’s level of enthusiasm. This applies to you, this applies to your music, and this most importantly applies to the music business as a whole. Make sure that you manager wants to help you for you and not just for the money at the end of the day.

Source: Big MGMT


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