Anca Pop feat. Goran Bregovic – Ederlezi (Official Video)

„Ederlezi”, the signature song of Roma communities of the Balkans now has a new dance version by Anca Pop, featuring Goran Bregovic.

„Ederlezi” is the name given to the most important music festival celebrated by gypsies to symbolize the coming of spring and summer, when the opportunity to travel would re-appear. The Roma would thank God by throwing flowers into the rivers and seas.

The original song was recorded by Goran Bregovic in 1988 for his band Bijelo Dugme, then most popular rock band in former Yugoslavia. Later, „Ederlezi” became world known when Goran recorded it as a soundtrack for Emir Kusturica’s „Time Of The Gypsies” (winner of Best Director and nominated for Palme D’or, at Cannes 1989).

This new dance remake of „Ederlezi”, written by Anca Pop, Cristian Tarcea (Monoir „Violin Song”) and Goran Bregovic will give this loved classic exposure to new audiences and at the same time serve as a real unexpected treat for those who know and love the song already.

The idyllic videos was shot last week along the Danube river (Anca’s homeland), and Port Cetate.

„I have a nomad’s soul and find myself in Ederlezi”. I was born in Romania, grew up in Canada, lived in Macau and Japan… embarked on spiritual quests in India and Peru… After I met Goran Bregovic and we started working together on his album „Champagne For Gypsies” I told him I would one day like to make a special dance version of „Ederlezi”. And this is the result!. I chose the Danube as the only place to best encapsulate my spirit and the spirit of this song. When I was just a baby my parents escaped communist Romania in an inflatable raft, with me in my mothers’ arms. We risked everything for a better life. Once we reached the Serbian shore we were taken to a refugee camp for 7 months before receiving political asylum in Canada. In that refugee camp, the first music I can ever remember listening to in my life was Goran’s old Yugoslav band. So you can see why „Ederlezi” means so much to me and why this release is such a special event in my life. I lived, with my family, the story so many gypsies and refugees live when you pack whatever you can carry with you and are forced to abandon your country not knowing what lies ahead; all you can hold onto is hope!”

This is not Anca’s first featuring with Goran Bregovic. She has worked with Goran on several occasions as co-writers. In these last couple years Anca’s career has extended beyond borders. Her most recent release, „Loco Poco” has been licensed in over 60 territories and she has spent the last year touring Macau and Japan, where her physical album is set to be released this month.

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