How many likes is my life worth ??

how many likes is my life worth?

how many likes is my life worth??

how many likes is my life worth???

how many likes is my life worth????

The internet is pretty sick right now but Drew Taggart claims that he is the “SICK” boy and The Chainsmokers new single Sick Boy is enough to prove it.
They took the internet by storm when their new branding landed along with the tagline “how many likes is my life worth?” , clearly that move indicated a new single from the boy band and now that the track is live fans are getting crazy as it’s not what they expected.

Sick Boy is a catchy pure pop but sounds more like Twenty One Pilots and not something we expected from the #SELFIE gods. The video shows Drew on mic and Alex on piano as usual but the twist came with Matt McGuire on drums.

Check out the Sick Boy video here :


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