Perttu – “Good Good” featuring YATES [HIT ALERT]

Perttu –  “Good Good” featuring YATES [HIT ALERT]


He started his musical career as a drummer in a number of different bands, getting to

know a wide range of influences, from folk, funk, punk through pop music to rock and

metal, and is currently a producer in the electronic/dance genre. We are talking about

Perttu, the 25-year- old Finnish native who was born on the small island of

Suomenlinna and has lived and worked in Berlin since 2014.

Perttu started to play drums at the tender age of six. Having been introduced to rock

music by his father, he soon felt the desire to become a celebrated rock star himself

one day. Before graduating in Finland, he toured Europe as a teenager with his metal

band, getting his first taste of the international music scene.

His feel for rhythm and his growing interest in other instruments inspired him to teach

himself to play the guitar and the piano, although his main focus continued to be on

drums. His development from drummer to producer of electronic music was, as

Perttu puts it, a ‘rather slow and continuous’ process.

Unlike many other artists from the electronic genre, Perttu records a lot of his

samples himself, creating a totally unique sound and coming up with wonderful ideas

such as taping the noises made by his cocktail parrot. Another significant aspect of

his work is his collaboration with Finnish vocalist Alexandra, whom he lovingly refers

to as his “little sister from another mister”. The two have known each other from

childhood and Alexandra now also lives in Berlin. Her unique voice inspires Perttu,

and it was Alexandra who supplied the vocals for his debut single “Waves”.

Her husky, soulful voice lends the track its very own, special atmosphere, and along

with playful sonic accentuations, “Waves” captivates with its largely self-produced

sound which comes across as diverse but never restless. Whether melodious

downbeats, the use of different percussion kits, flute sounds or haunting bass lines –

there seems to be no limit to Perttu’s creativity.

His music is considered to be unique for a very good reason, but Perttu is not

satisfied with resting on his laurels, asserting: “I want to learn how to be an even

better producer.”

With his music, he has long transcended the borders of his native country. Perttu has

found lots of new inspiration in Berlin and is now ready to conquer international

terrain. His goal: “I want to be an artist – a performance artist. I’m working on

expanding the live aspect of my shows, and since I am no singer I will find other

ways to make me unique on stage.”

We can look forward to a talented young artist who has his finger on the pulse while

always remaining faithful to himself.


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