SHVRDZ – One Life (ft. Aerborn)

SHVRDZ (pronounced “shards”), the moniker of Michael Holmes, has been crafting hard-hitting beats and unruly soundscapes since he was 13-years-old after being inspired by Skrillex’s ‘Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites’ EP. Holmes began producing as SHVRDZ in early 2016, His first handful of releases reflect the influence of Skrillex, with his remix of “Red Lips” and single “Gem” featuring familiar shattering dubstep drops and jagged synthesisers.

In the past 18 months SHVRDZ has been truly prolific – releasing seven remixes, five singles, a collaborative EP with fellow Brisbane beatmaker Allistere, and in April 2017 his debut EP ‘Waiting’. His Soundcloud profile has already amassed well over 1 million streams, with his remix of Skrillex & Rick Ross’ “Purple Lamborghini” alone racking-up almost 800k plays.

SHVRDZ’ latest single “One Life” features the silky voice of Brisbane artist Aerborn, whose dreamy tone adds a sense of fragility to the otherwise thumping soundscape. The track was recorded, mixed, and mastered by SHVRDZ over two days in a temporary bedroom studio, using only a microphone and his laptop.

Lyrically, “One Life” addresses the dangers of conforming to unrealistic body images and personalities perpetuated by social media – “Take off this mask, let it go / evolution of the soul”.

While the new single sees SHVRDZ drift slightly in a pop-orientated direction, the emerging producer says he’s enjoying experimenting with all styles of dance music, particularly Trap and Future Bass.

“To me, SHVRDZ is equally about the imagery as it is about the music. I can’t wait to debut my live show and visuals, and to take the experience around Australia.

“The goal with my music is to create a unique sense for people – whether they’re listening or just looking at my Instagram photos – I want people to be able to feel what SHVRDZ is, both through the music and everything else I post and release,” says SHVRDZ.

Over the next few months SHVRDZ plans to drop a couple more remixes, before releasing his second studio EP.

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