Award-winning songwriter/producer Lindgren is a major name in the realm of EDM and Dance especially. His impressive portfolio grew even more the past few weeks with his new single “ATYPICAL,” with BONNIE X CLYDE that will have your head spinning…in a good way. With global pop artists such as DuaLipa, Halsey, Sia, BTS, TXT, Cheat Codes, Everglow, and more, the artist shows no sign of slowing down.  

He recently shared: “We’re all really proud of the record. As a producer or songwriter, it’s not every day that the first song you write with an artist becomes their next single. That just truly shows you how good the vibe was in the session. Melanie and I had heard great things about BONNIE x CLYDE all around town but we never had the pleasure before so when the opportunity presented itself, we obviously immediately set a date. I’ve worked with many artists and DJs and I gotta say these two work incredibly fast. The song really came about quite effortlessly. Chords, melodies, lyrical concept and production all kind of happened simultaneously in that one session at my studio. For songs with DJ projects attached I’m used to working on a quite minimal arrangement because most people take whatever is written in the session home and sink their teeth into final production on their own but with BONNIE X CLYDE I had much more input than just 4 chords and the tempo. I’m really thankful for the trust these two.”

Lindgren is a multi-platinum music producer and songwriter from Berlin, Germany. Born and raised in a musicians’ household, he absorbed Jazz and Classical music from a young age. At age 7 he started playing the piano, and shortly after, the electric bass. Although his true passion would be revealed on his 8th birthday, when he received a floppy disc copy of Cubase. After graduating from Popakademie music college in Mannheim with a BA in Pop music production and music business, he entered the European music industry with a bang in the midst of the rise of EDM.

Lindgren is a man of many hats. He had co-wrote ON by BTS featuring Sia from their new album Map of the Soul: 7, holding the#4 peak position on Billboard Hot 100. He also co-wrote the biggest hit of 2019,Boy With Luv by BTS featuring Halsey which reached #1 on iTunes and peaked at #8 on Billboard Hot 100 chart; and the album was #1 on Billboard Album 200 chart. The song itself went platinum two months after its release with the music video accumulating over 758 million views in the last 12 months. Lindgren also has three World Guinness Records for most viewed YouTube music video in 24 hours by a K-pop group, most viewed YouTube music video in 24 hours, and most viewed YouTube video in 24 hours – all fromBoy With Luv music video – and secured one more World Guinness Record by co-writingTXT’s debut single Crown for their music video becoming the most viewed music video in 24 hours by a K-pop group debut with 14.4 million views.

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