Carda x Emily Falvey – Wasted

Dance-POP collaboration from electronic music producer Carda and vocalist Emily Falvey is here.

“The track is an introspective look at a regrettable relationship from the female perspective. The chorus best describes the tone of the song lyrically, ‘I’m sort of ashamed that I let you pull me close just to let you go’.” ~ Carda and Emily Falvey.

At the age of 23-years-old, songwriter and producer Carda (Adrian Cardamone) has achieved what most would hope for in a lifetime. Accumulating more than four million plays across all platforms and racking up countless spins on commercial radio, Carda is in prime position to release his latest effort, Wasted feat. Emily Falvey. Infusing uplifting EDM-inspired production with melodic pop vocals, Carda‘s project captures a unique “wind down the windows” summer dance-pop sound that is instantly recognizable.

Born and raised in Melbourne, Carda sparked a passion for songwriting at an early age. Training in both piano and voice as a child has enabled Carda to develop a unique appreciation of the creative process, with his love for contemporary lyrics and melody allowing him to express his personality through the melodically-driven style that guides his productions.

Check out the track here:

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