90% of the production in this song was made by AI, including the lyrics, the image, and the vocals. A journey that used to take months can now be made in just a few days

We’re living in a time where AI is starting to play a big role in the arts, and music is no exception. I want to talk about a track that really showcases this trend: “You’re The Change”. What’s unique about this song is that nearly 90% of its production was done by AI – and […]

Future Rave: Amaury Lacroix – Valhalla is the perfect track for you Future Rave fans!

Amaury Lacroix is striking hard with a Future Rave banger! The new genre is starting to get a lot of momentum. If you haven’t heard of David Guetta and Morten‘s new style of EDM, you can start by listening to Valhalla and move your way to the founding fathers track. Amaury Lacroix takes you into […]

Stromae – Papaoutai (Amaury Lacroix Remix)

Amaury Lacroix comes out hard with this fabulous remix of the famous Belgian artist Stromae – Papaoutai.The psytrance remix brings an energetic touch to an already splendid song.Amaury Lacroix kept all the good stuff and made it into a psytrance hit.But you can be the judge of that, let us know in the comments!

Real Tips On How To Grow Your Audience As An Artist!

We all know how hard it is to grow an audience on Spotify & SoundCloud. How many times have you read an article titled: “5 tips to grow an audience…” and never got one new fan from those tips? Countless times right?I know how frustrating it is, and how you struggle.In this article I will share real […]