Discover Setlo with his new techno track: “Settle In”

Our scope is on Setlo today. This Techno producer and DJ from Lyon, France is getting a lot of momentum on the underground Techno scene. His last first track was discovered by the french magazine Guettapen and made it into their top demo of July 2021.
It’s hard to miss the artist’s Viking style. His Gaulish name “Setlo” which means life was not chosen by mistake, as the talented producer spent over 2 weeks between life and death in 2007.

“Settle In” was created with the goal to alert people on the social and climate revolution that needs to take place sooner rather than later. Setlo explains that he hopes this resonates like an alarm clock into the minds of the listeners and encourages them to take action.

“Settle In” (getting used to something new) is a pure industrial Techno sound, the melodic arrangements are energetic and the acid touch reminds us of bangers from superstars like Amélie Lens or Charlotte De Witte.

Setlo “The Viking” and his powerful techno from the new era is one artist that you should keep an eye on closely!

Post Author: Admin_Crew