Real Tips On How To Grow Your Audience As An Artist!

We all know how hard it is to grow an audience on Spotify & SoundCloud. How many times have you read an article titled: “5 tips to grow an audience…” and never got one new fan from those tips? Countless times right?
I know how frustrating it is, and how you struggle.
In this article I will share real and honest tips on how to grow your audience as an artist, and rock your Spotify Promotion.

But first, if you are used to buying cheap fake followers and streams from the internet you should definitely skip this article, and also change career…

1 – An artist is a business owner

If you want to become an artist, live from your music and possibly become famous, you have to understand the most important thing about the music industry and the show business. It’s ruled by money. Like any other industry or business. Most artists can’t get this into their minds and think only talent will make it happen. STOP LYING TO YOURSELF!!

If you want to become a player in the music industry & the show business, there’s no other way than to invest in yourself. As any other business owner would do. Selling CDs/mp3s or distributing your music on streaming platforms is the same as selling veggies on the market, or selling cars, or selling any kind of goods.

You are entering an INDUSTRY, a BUSINESS so you will need money to compete with others, you will need money to promote your product (your music and your image), you will need to invest in your marketing (artwork, logo, videos), and in your image. Anything or anyone telling you otherwise is lying. Major artists promote their music all the time. So your first job as an up-and-comer is to have a budget and spend it wisely.

Do not run to cheap services (they are fake), do not run to expensive services unless you have read some feedbacks or know for sure they are not selling you fakes.

2 – Market yourself and your music

Now that we have established that an artist is a business owner, we can start talking about the basics of marketing.
Marketing is the only way you will make people come buy your product. The regular guy walking down the street would never know who Kygo, Eminem, David Guetta are unless they saw huge signboards in Time Square, Paris, London and so on. Of course, I’m talking about major artists here. You should start from the beginning.

Work on your image: who are you? What is your character? Build a strong image and always work on your artworks to be unique. This way, people will take interest.

3 – Promote Yourself

This is the most important part of an entrepreneur’s work. Promotion is an art. Flood people and they will hate you, engage the wrong audience and you will have no results. The first thing you want to do is find similar artists with a good fan base and target their followers. If your doing EDM don’t go target fans from Lil Wayne or Eminem.

How do you target those fans?
Interact with them on social media. The best platforms for this are Instagram and Tweeter because you can have easy direct contacts with followers of other artists. Comment, take time to interact and they will come to you eventually.

Now, how to promote yourself on Streaming platforms?
Don’t buy streaming services or fake followers. This is USELESS. You will get bots that won’t interact with you. Plus, everybody knows when someone is using fake. Your shooting yourself in the foot by using cheap fake promotion.

You need to pitch your song to playlists, and blogs so you can get featured on as many as possible. This is long and hard, as you need to find the contacts and then pitch to each contact individually and in a professional way. You can do it on your own if you have no money to pay someone to do it for you (less time for you to work on your music).
You can also contact an agency like Playlist Plugging or FeatureFM to push your music forward. You don’t need to have a very big budget to get some momentum and you can continue using them as you grow. They work miracles to grow streams and followers in an organic way. Getting featured on blogs is easy when you go through such an agency as they have all the contacts and know how to pitch to them.

I hope this article was useful to you and brought you more information on how to navigate the industry! If you have tips or questions, comment below!

Post Author: Admin_Crew