Carda x Emily Falvey – Wasted

Dance-POP collaboration from electronic music producer Carda and vocalist Emily Falvey is here. “The track is an introspective look at a regrettable relationship from the female perspective. The chorus best describes the tone of the song lyrically, ‘I’m sort of ashamed that I let you pull me close just to let you go’.” ~ Carda […]

Roby Fayer – I Don’t Look Back ft. Dorine Levy [Hit Alert] ‘I don’t look back’, the latest release of Roby Fayer, artist who produces pop songs combining various and unique singers to his acclaimed project. Roby is on the verge of releasing his debut album, this time he is featuring Dorine Levy who he courted professionally for sometime now. Dorine brings a unique indie sound […]

Perttu – “Good Good” featuring YATES [HIT ALERT]

Perttu –  “Good Good” featuring YATES [HIT ALERT] Stream/Download He started his musical career as a drummer in a number of different bands, getting to know a wide range of influences, from folk, funk, punk through pop music to rock and metal, and is currently a producer in the electronic/dance genre. We are talking about […]