Dirt Monkey – Chroma [Free Download]

One of the American leading Trap/Dubstep artists, Dirt Monkey, just released his debut album via his Kairos Audio as free download (incl. the track “Chroma”, just submitted here). Dirt Monkey, despite being an independent artist (no major company deal and booking agency) managed to play 100+ shows around the US within the last 2 years (Red Rocks, SXSW, Summer Camp, Bass Center, etc) and to release on labels Fool’s Gold and Buygore.

Album tidbits: 

– Chroma is an eclectic fusion of genres that takes listeners on a colorful journey through sound. It is a good representation of all the different types of music Dirt Monkey has been into, and a bold statement of where he wants to take his career.

– Dirt Monkey produced the song “Work It” with an accompany of his wife. She really likes twerk music and was basically back-seat driving while he came up with the beat and the basic framework of the song.

– “Rainbow Road” got its name when he showed the song to a few friends and asked them which level on Mario Kart it reminded them of. 3 of them said “Rainbow Road” at the same time.

– “Gum Drops”, “Rainbow Road”, “Maui Sunrise”, and “Truffle Shuffle” were all mostly written while riding trains between shows on the east coast in early 2015. They all happened really fast and are very unique to that experience.


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